Supporting those who are self-isolating, practicing social physical distancing, choosing to limit their physical contact with others or those who are just too busy to come into the clinic.

Mummy MOT

Making you almost as good as new after childbirth

Neck & Back Specialists

Fast effective treatment for all neck and back pain problems. Take control of your pain and book today, no referral necessary for physiotherapy in Dartford or Bexley.

Sports Injury Specialists

Don’t let injury beat you. Return to sport quickly following injury with physiotherapy and improve performance & prevent injury with our Bexley Pilates.

Common Complaints

Lower Back Pain

Have you been diagnosed with a slipped disk, sciatica or scoliosis? Are you are recovering from spinal surgery? We can treat all types of back pain from discogenic, arthritic or muscular pain with manual therapy, soft tissue techniques or our specialist physiotherapist Pilates instruction.

Neck Pain and Headaches

Have you recently suffered from whiplash? Do you hold tension in your upper body? Have you ever been told you may have cervical spondylosis? Do you ever have pins and needles in your arms and hands? We can help relieve the tension that often causes neck pain and headaches.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Does your work or hobby involve high intensity activity for a prolonged time without rest? Or do you have poor posture or perform regular activities that require you to work in an awkward position? We can help to relieve pain or tenderness, tingling, stiffness or cramp associated with RSI.

Sports Injuries

Do you compete or train regularly for a sports team? Have you noticed that your performance is being affected by an ongoing niggle? Are you suffering with a pulled muscle, tendon problem or torn ligament? We can help to fully treat and rehabilitate your sports injury.

Orthopaedic Problems

Have you recently suffered from an overuse injury or a muscle strain? Does your child have growing pains? Or have you been diagnosed with osteoarthritis or pain from wear and tear? We can also rehabilitate after joint or spinal surgery or support in recovery after a fall.

Postural Pain

Are you struggling with low back pain in pregnancy? Do you ache in your neck or back at the end of a busy day? Do your hobbies or does your job require you to sustain a position for a prolonged period of time? Our specialist Pilates classes in Bexley can help relieve pain and improve posture.

Sports Injury Specialists

Experienced Sports Physiotherapists

Injury Prevention Through Pilates and Physiotherapy

Optimisation of Sport Performance

Fast Treatment For a Sporting Injury

Keeping You Active and Injury Free

Sport Specific Rehabilitation

Sports Massage Therapy

Regular Discounts For Affiliated Sports Clubs

Postural Assessments and Correction

Virtual Physiotherapy

Did you know that many of the musculoskeletal problems that we see every day in our clinic can successfully be treated through remote rehabilitation, with great outcomes for many people. In fact, scientific studies have published the effectiveness of remote rehabilitation to be 90-100% of what can be done in the clinic.

The key to success is a commitment from you to follow the guidance of your physiotherapist and to be prepared to do the hard work yourself at home, although we will be there to guide you and to provide the support you need along the way. 

This is a perfect solution for those of you that in response to the coronavirus pandemic are self-isolating, practising social physical distancing and / or are choosing to limit their physical contact with others.

It is also perfect if you have a busy schedule and would find it more convenient to have a webcam session.   

Sport & Remedial Massage Clinics

All physiotherapists use massage within their repertoire of treatment modalities to manage many different conditions however, we are lucky at KTB to have within our team physiotherapists who are trained remedial massage therapists in addition to qualified physiotherapists.

This means that they are exceptionally well equipped to use remedial massage therapy as a medical art and modality on its own with the aim to rehabilitate an injured body part, pain or discomfort. However you do not need to be injured or experiencing pain to book a session for a remedial massage.

When sessions are booked regularly, the benefits on overall health and wellness are tremendous for the long term.



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