In order to ensure that each person joining KTB for Prescribed Pilates is assessed individually and that they achieve the most from their classes, it is recommended that each person attends an introductory session to Prescribed Pilates. This one hour session will give you an opportunity to explore how the Pilates method can specifically benefit you, discuss your medical history and any injuries or pain that you may have had with the Physiotherapist, and practice some of the Prescribed Pilates moves.


Once you have had this 1:1 session then you will have an understanding of how correct movement feels, what correct posture is and what postural changes and compensations you may be presenting with. Your Physiotherapist will advise you on the most appropriate exercises for you to be practicing at home between your classes and of which levels to work at during the classes each week.

‘After trying at a previous centre the teaching here is much better quality. Nice classes. Nice surroundings. I think if people come to the classes they will stay.’

Coming with a friend?

You can share the cost of the introductory session with a 2:1 session which will still cover all the above but with two people being assessed at the same time.