Can I expect the same treatment in a virtual appointment that I would in a face-to-face appointment?
Our physiotherapists will practice to the same professional standards during a virtual appointment as in a face-to-face appointment, continuing to maintain a robust record keeping procedure and applying evidence-based practice. Whilst virtual physiotherapy is beneficial for many conditions, there are some treatment approaches that need physical contact. Please understand that we are unable to offer the following via virtual physiotherapy:  Acupuncture  Manual therapy including mobilisations and manipulations  Clinical massage  Women’s health internal examinations
Do I need to inform anyone at the clinic if I have a holiday planned?

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect international travel. No travel is risk-free, and many countries have closed their borders or restricted entry to UK travellers. Any country may further restrict travel or bring in new rules at short notice, for example due to a new COVID-19 variant.

Please follow the rules that apply for the country or countries that you have visited, when you enter the UK from abroad..

Do you have a risk assessment for COVID-19?

We confidently work to Working Safely guidance that includes many mitigating factors to reduce our risk to you. We followed government guidelines and closed our clinic during the spring lockdown and prior to re-opening we ensured that we were confident with all the information available to us. Through extensive research we established the collaborated facts from respected sources, and this helped us to see what safe provision could look like. From this we developed a comprehensive risk assessment that we openly shared with our team. Any changes to the science and statistics, reflection from practice or feedback from our clients or team will influence our risk assessment which is updated as often as required.

Does the clinic building comply with health and safety requirements?

From the guidance that we have, ventilation is one of the most important factors to consider. All rooms in which face-to-face physiotherapy treatment will take place including Pilates classes and the reception area will be equipped with a medical air purifier. These high-performance devices through extensive research and technological innovation are activated to capture most volatile organic compounds (VOCs), more than 26 different gases, pollen, odours and more. It also destroys germs, bacteria and viruses including COVID-19.

How effective can a virtual physiotherapy appointment be?

Remote physiotherapy services are not new to the physiotherapy profession. Many of the musculoskeletal problems that we see every day in our clinic can successfully be treated through remote rehabilitation, with great outcomes for many people. In fact, scientific studies have published the effectiveness of remote rehabilitation to be 90-100% of what can be done in the clinic. The key to success is a commitment from you to follow the guidance of your physiotherapist and to be prepared to do the hard work yourself at home, although we will be there to guide you and to provide the support you need along the way. It is important to remember, that with physiotherapy for most conditions, one of the most effective forms of treatment that is consistently backed up in the literature is exercise therapy. Remotely we can easily advise you on the best exercises to perform for your condition, and those to avoid. Commitment to this exercise programme and performing it consistently is what will influence your recovery outcome.

How much contact will I need with your receptionist when I attend the clinic?

We use a comprehensive software system that has online features to improve the digital experience for our patients. You will have the tools that you need to take control of your own bookings, payments and forms; in the current times we believe there are many positives in enabling a self-service society. Exercises and support will be shared electronically. In the clinic we will accept cashless payments only at this time.

How will you support social distancing to reduce adult-to-adult transmission?

It is important that we reduce footfall into the clinic and effective screening and the opportunity of virtual appointments alongside face-to-face will do this. We will ask patients to attend alone except for in exceptional circumstances, for example if a chaperone or interpreter is required. We also ask you to arrive in time for your appointment and not early. We will be unable to provide refreshments at this time. Visitors will not be authorised to wait in our reception area. In addition staff members will avoid physical contact with each other by maintaining social distancing on breaks and wearing PPE or social distancing in any training sessions. In our Pilates classes we will refrain from hands on correction and we have reduced our class size significantly.

I am nervous of the move from lockdown, can I still access physiotherapy at KTB Rehabilitation?

At KTB Rehabilitation we understand that in response to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are self-isolating, practicing social physical distancing and / or are choosing to limit their physical contact with others. We can offer virtual physiotherapy from the comfort of your home for a longstanding pain condition, to support recovery from a new injury, or to help you to work to maintain or improve physical strength. Our Mummy MOT, women’s health and antenatal physiotherapy and Pilates 1:1 sessions and classes can all be accessed online.

What can I expect from a virtual Pilates class?

Before your class you need to set yourself up with a Zoom account, which you can create through the zoom website  You may want to download the Zoom app but you don’t have to. We will send you a meeting code that you will use to join the class. You can schedule the meeting so that you will find it in your Zoom calendar, which is displayed when you either launch the app or navigate to the meetings page of your Zoom profile. Without the App if you don’t use your calendar you just click ‘Join a Meeting’ at the top of the Zoom website homepage. We are not tech wizards, but we are learning! If we can help, please give us a shout!

Once you have joined the meeting (or class!) you will join a virtual waiting room, this will be open 10 minutes prior to the start time. Your physiotherapist should be with you early but if for some reason she is required in clinic please be patient – she will join you! It’s best to find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed, and you have enough room to move. Try to position your camera so we can see you, you will get far more from the session if we can observe you during the class. Our camera will ensure that you can see and hear our physiotherapist as she will demonstrate the exercises for you. We will teach just as though you are in the studio, giving prompts and explanations so you understand what you should be feeling and what you shouldn’t. You will soon forget you are at home! If you are feeling any pain or discomfort just raise your hand and we will notice, please be reassured that we are skilled in observing movement – even remotely and as long as your camera is positioned right, so we can see you we will be able to observe and make comments that you will benefit from, without you feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed – we won’t use your name and the advice will prompt others – just like in the classes in clinic. We will mute you on entry to the class, but as you would in the studio if you want to speak you can – if it is not disruptive, but you know that already!

You will receive an invite to the class prior to the session with the class code and password to join.  

What cleaning and hygiene arrangements do you have in place to reduce risk?

Our clinic and clinical rooms have been cleared to remove all non-essential items to assist with effective cleaning throughout the day. The team working each day will ensure that surfaces frequently touched including but not limited to chairs, doors, sinks, toilets, light switches are wiped and sanitised regularly throughout the day. Covers will be removed from physiotherapy plinths for ease of cleaning and towels will of course be changed between patients. For face-to face Pilates classes we will ask clients to bring their own pillows and a towel and mat if they have one. Our mats will be cleaned between classes. At the end of each face to face physiotherapy session physiotherapists will wipe all surfaces with a suitable disinfectant spray; this includes weights or gym equipment accessed by patients. Staff and patients will be asked to clean their hands upon arrival at the clinic with soap and water for 20 seconds and dry thoroughly following the guidance on hand cleaning. Of course, physiotherapists will clean their hands between patients or after teaching a class.

What PPE should I expect my physiotherapist to wear?

The government have published guidance on appropriate personal protective equipment. We are an outpatient setting working with asymptomatic individuals, so our physiotherapists do not need full PPE but will take adequate precaution. Physiotherapists treating face-to-face will wear single use gloves and face masks.

What should I expect from a virtual physiotherapy session?

Through an assessment process we will ask questions about your problem, your lifestyle and your medical history. We will then perform an examination that may include an assessment of your range of motion and movements, a functional movement examination, an evaluation of strength and postural analysis. We need to understand what is happening so that we can provide an accurate diagnosis from which to formulate targeted goals and a customised treatment plan for how we can help you. Treatment may include the prescription of exercises and stretches with supporting photos and / or videos, support for self-joint mobilisation and self-directed soft tissue treatment techniques, a rehabilitation plan to follow in your own environment and education on the specific injury or condition. Where appropriate we can help to train another person to assist you with exercises or stretches and /or taping techniques.

When would it be inappropriate to attend the clinic?

Through our COVID screening tool we will identify if you are currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or if you are waiting for a test result and if someone you live with has symptoms, is waiting for a test result or has tested positive for COVID-19. We also ask if you have been contacted by NHS test and trace and told to self isolate for up to 10 days. If any of these apply to you a face-to-face appointment should not be booked. We will also work within isolation guidelines for those travelling into the UK from abroad.

Will anyone be expected to wear a mask in clinic?

As healthcare professionals we continue to have a duty of care to reduce the spread of infection. Our team will be wearing recommended PPE and this includes a face mask, and we strongly urge all patients, visitors, and clients to do the same. We know that COVID-19 spreads through the air by droplets and aerosols that are exhaled from the nose and mouth of an infected person, and that wearing a face covering will reduce this risk. This is particularly important in the clinic when there is a risk of close social contact with people you do not usually meet and where social distancing and other measures cannot be maintained.

Will toilet facilities be available in the clinic?

We do have a toilet facility but so that we can protect our staff we ask for this to be used by clients in emergencies only please. If you do need to use the toilet then we ask for you to let a member of the team know so that we know to clean prior to the next person who requires it. You should come to your appointment dressed for your appointment so that you do not need to change in the practice.

Will you supply refreshments whilst I wait for my appointment?

To reduce the transmission of the virus within our clinic we will not be providing any refreshments to clients. We ask you to please bring a bottle of water with you when you attend.