3 great mobility exercises to do during pregnancy

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Pregnancy places huge demand on your body, but you can give it a little helping hand with some mobility exercises.
Here are the ones we recommend.

The Cat stretch (pictures 1/2)
Great to mobilise the whole of your spine.
Arch your back up and bring your chin towards your chest and tuck your bottom under.
Let your back dip down in the middle.
Lift your head and push your bottom up.

Thread the needle (pictures 3/5)
Particularly good if you are feeling stiff in the middle of your back.
Start by bending one elbow out and then reach the other arm through, rotating your back.
Bring that arm back through and reach it up to the other side.

Pelvic tilts (picture 4)
These are great to do on your gym ball but you can also do them on a normal chair or in standing and will help to relieve your lower back pain.
In sitting, tilt your pelvic forwards to arch your lower back.
Then do the opposite and tilt your pelvic back to flatten your lower back.