5 ways to stop hamstring and gastric strains

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1. Adequately warm up before any sport for 5 to 10 minutes.
Active warm up:
👉 Heel raises, squats, lunges, buttkickers, heel walks, toe walks, and toe touches)
👉 5-minute run or progressively increasing 50m sprints (start with a jog, and each time get faster x5).
Book in with our sports physiotherapist so we can create you a specific warm up for your sport and your muscles.

2. Train with your competition or sport in mind. If you’re a footballer, you have to do sprints on other days besides just game day, if you’re a long distance runner don’t start doing sprints – try a tempo run first.

3. Progress your workouts/game time slowly.
👉Increase your running distance no more than 10% per week
👉Weight lifting no more than 2kg (upper body) or 5kg (lowerbody) at a time
👉1 game/week then after 3 weeks 2 games. If you’re unsure how to progress or are getting pain when you try, come see us.

4. Sport-specific strength training.
Train the muscles that have to perform on race/game day! Generally, single leg or arm strengthening exercises are preferred so you can see any asymmetries. Squats and other full body exercises are great too.
Each sport has areas that are at increased risk for injury and we can advise on which are the best for your sport.
5. Stretch! After you’re warmed up and after your activity or sport too (end of the game or after a run).
👉Holding for up to 2 mins at a mild-moderate stretch can decrease your risk of muscle strains.
👉We recommend calf, quadriceps and hamstring stretches at a minimum. 👉 There are more specific stretches per sport that can make you feel better, improve performance and decrease your injury risk.

Book in for sport-specific exercises, stretches and physiotherapy.