The Mummy MOT is now available at KTB

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The Mummy MOT is a comprehensive check-up for new mums recommended from six – eight weeks after birth, but we also see any woman who gave birth years ago but still feels things aren’t as they used to be.

Up …

Say hello to our new physios – Sarah and Matt.

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This autumn we have very warmly welcomed two new members of staff to our clinics, bringing with them specialisms, knowledge and expertise to offer a broader range of services to our clients.

Sarah Parker specialises in women’s health and will …

Pilates classes – changes to the timetable

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We’ve made some changes to our Pilates class timetable – in response to client feedback and class attendance.
Pilates is a wonderful and gentle way to look after the body for conditioning, strengthening, recovery, rehab, ante-natal and post-natal and to …

Sports blogs – take a read

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If you’re a keen sportsperson or new to sport, our blogs could give you some great tips on staying injury-free and also increasing performance.
Our physios have spent some time getting their top tips and advice down on paper to …

Triathlon’s ‘fourth’ discipline…

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Triathlons are tough on the body, which is why recovery, stretching, strengthening and conditioning are so important.
If triathlon is your next challenge, read on to avoid some more common injuries that will stop you in your tracks!

If you’re …

5 ways to stop hamstring and gastric strains

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1. Adequately warm up before any sport for 5 to 10 minutes.
Active warm up:
👉 Heel raises, squats, lunges, buttkickers, heel walks, toe walks, and toe touches)
👉 5-minute run or progressively increasing 50m sprints (start with a jog, …

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