At KTB we have specialist musculoskeletal therapists who combine manual therapy and manipulation with exercise and advice very successfully with patients suffering with painful muscle and joint disorders.

For most back pain that we see in the clinic, manual therapy is an effective treatment. Our specialist spinal therapists will discuss your working environment, observe postures and note your general health status and current medication. The general posture and balance of the back is also analysed. 

Muscle tension is identified and the mobility of the spine and pain points are examined. Our treatment approach will combine manual adjustment which consists of various handles to mobilise a joint or spine with exercise and advise providing a holistic approach to management.

We find that manual treatment of back pain generally provides good results that can vary between complete cure and significant relief of symptoms. The number of treatments that are prescribed depends on the problems you have and how long you have had them.

To take advantage of the preventative potential of manual medicine, it is useful to have a check-up once a year or after a minor injury.

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