Can you do Pilates in your sleep?

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Journalist Sarah Hawes joins is on week five of a six-week Pilates course with us. She’d never done it before and her blog takes you through her learning what it can do for your body.

Well, you can’t really do Pilates in your sleep but you can help your sleep with it.

I have found myself re-adjusting how I’m lying when I get into bed with Pilates in mind.
And it’s all come about after the class involved lying on your side for the exercises.

I could really feel my spine relaxing, losing the tension and stretching out, leaving the day’s work behind!
Plenty of us sleep in the foetal position and lying on your side for sleep is the best position to allow your body to repair overnight.
I like to sleep on my back or my front – I’ve done it all my life but I won’t be doing it any more.

Lying on my side, I’ve found not only do I wake up without any niggles, but also I have less pain during the day. You know, that dull ache you get sometimes when you’re a bit worn out!

I lie down, on my side then push my legs back a bit, so that I can feel my spine straightening out.
It feels very nice and although I probably move around in the night, I’m going asleep in a Pilates-inspired position and it’s doing me the world of good.
When I wake up in the morning, I stretch out – first in bed, then after I’ve been up and about for a while, properly, bending all the way down to the ground, hanging, stretching the spine out bone by bone and coming back up again.

A few of those to get the day started and my body feels much more able to cope with the day of desk duty ahead.

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