Our children are precious and seeing them suffer is one of the worst feelings in the world. Our experienced team can help you to address any issue that you or the hospital may have identified with your child. We will work with you and your child to calm fears, set goals and manage the problem effectively.

Our team of Paediatric Physiotherapists have experience of seeing children and adolescents with orthopaedic, neurological or developmental disorders. The child is the most important person in the treatment process and therefore treatment will be fun, and tailored to meet their individual needs. You will be amazed at the range of sensory delights that we have hidden ready to capture your child’s imagination. Our aim is for your child to see treatment as a play session with a new friend! You can relax safe in the knowledge that the techniques being used are based on the most up to date clinical research and evidence specific to the field of Paediatric medicine. Time is taken building a rapport with you and your child to develop trust, and learn the best strategies for keeping your child motivated with treatment. Family members will be fully supported in learning the strategies appropriate for continuing with the treatment at home in order to achieve the best results.

We want only the best for your child and if we feel it is necessary, with your consent we can liaise with your nursery, school, NHS Physiotherapist or any other professional involved with your child. If we feel that specific toys, equipment or play ideas would be beneficial then we will discuss these ideas with you. We have links with local paediatricians and other specialist services and will refer your child for a specialist opinion if we feel that this will help.

Some complex conditions require ongoing Physiotherapy, others a course of sessions, however, it is no problem for you to book for a one off session. These can be beneficial to give your child a postural MOT or to identify potential problems early. Seeing a professional can really enable you to ease your worries.

We will always give an honest opinion of what is best for your child and will always take into account the individual situation.


Please note that we do not offer our children’s services at all of our locations.