Cricket – fun and enjoyment of the game when you are 100% ready for it!

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Cricket is one of those sports that you take seriously and competitively playing as a professional or enjoy as a fun time with your family in the park. As with any sport, your level of fitness might lead to some injuries.
Whenever there is some equipment involved in sport – like in this instance a bat or a ball it can lead to impact injuries and bruises.

These don’t usually need much attention from health professionals, but it is important to follow the current evidence-based guidelines (PRICE) from the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports & Exercise:

  • Protection – splints, taping, modifying activity/relative rest.
  • Rest/optimal loading – gradually loading the tissues in a gentle manner relative to their state of injury and repair.
  • Ice – use of cold compress, cold water immersion in the first 24-48 hours post-injury.
  • Compression – strapping, compression garments.
  • Elevation – place injured part higher than the heart.

Playing involves fast throwing and catching as well as running with quick changing directions pushing our backs, elbows, shoulders, knees and ankles to the limit.

In cricket the most common are injuries to the lower back, hamstrings, side strains, groin, shoulder (rotator cuff), elbow (golfer’s elbow), knees and ankles.

There are certain injuries involving contact with equipment or other players that are difficult to avoid but other injuries can be avoided with good training and preparation.

Making sure that our muscles joints, balance and co-ordination are up for the challenge is the best way to stay on the safe side and know your limits to enjoy the game and have fun without unnecessary risks of harming yourself.
Whether you are an athlete or just a casual cricketer it is good to know if you are fit enough to do what you enjoy, to prevent injury before it happens.

A physio assessment can help discover and address long-standing issues that you might not be aware of and not only save you from injury but boost your confidence and performance so you can enjoy the game more and go through out the season without hiccups.