How effective can a virtual physiotherapy appointment be?

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Remote physiotherapy services are not new to the physiotherapy profession. Many of the musculoskeletal problems that we see every day in our clinic can successfully be treated through remote rehabilitation, with great outcomes for many people. In fact, scientific studies have published the effectiveness of remote rehabilitation to be 90-100% of what can be done in the clinic. The key to success is a commitment from you to follow the guidance of your physiotherapist and to be prepared to do the hard work yourself at home, although we will be there to guide you and to provide the support you need along the way. It is important to remember, that with physiotherapy for most conditions, one of the most effective forms of treatment that is consistently backed up in the literature is exercise therapy. Remotely we can easily advise you on the best exercises to perform for your condition, and those to avoid. Commitment to this exercise programme and performing it consistently is what will influence your recovery outcome.