Four weeks ago, my back was a big slab of bone…

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Journalist Sarah Hawes has been enjoying Pilates with us and four weeks into a six-week course, she’s finding it’s making a difference.

It sounds like a strange thing to say and it’s not something I was aware of before…but my back is a slab of bone.

And it’s all my own fault – I haven’t moved it enough, I’ve not thought about it enough and in my late thirties, what I do now will affect my old age health and I want to make sure I do all I can to make those golden years enjoyable, health-wise!

Is yours the same or is it just me?!

Don’t get me wrong, I do exercise, I don’t sit still for too long but the daily movements I do don’t use the full stretch range that my back needs and wants to do.

Last week, I said about the two stretches I’m doing to increase this movement and I’m really noticing a difference, especially if I don’t do them one day (rare – I’m very into it!).
The first week I went to KTB Pilates, I found out that my back comes off the floor during a stretch in a slab – the bones did not feel individual, they felt stuck together and it was hard to feel that ‘bone by bone’ stretch that teacher Katie was asking us to do.

But…four weeks later, it’s not a moves bone by bone – in just 4 weeks!

And I don’t get the dull backache I used to if I sit still for too long (desk-bound in the day job!). If I do start to get it, I stand up and stretch down to the floor. At home I do it anywhere, at work I pop to the loo! And once it’s done, I really do feel better for it.

Another tip I’ve picked up is that I stick my neck out, and that I also have a constant dull ache there – all because of my posture.
I stick my neck out rather than keep it nice and straight, aligned with the spine below.

But…I’m thinking about my posture all the time – driving, watching TV, reading. If I’m sticking my neck out, I bring it back up and that dull ache disappears.
The more I think about it, the better it’s getting – sometimes I think about if it’s sticking out and it isn’t…muscle memory is working!
Four weeks of Pilates and I’m wondering where I’ll be after a lifetime.

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