KTB’s clinical director was the founder of Prescribed Pilates. This method of Pilates teaching is exclusively for Physiotherapists, and specifically for physiotherapists working at KTB. Prescribed Pilates uses Pilates based exercises typically, but not exclusively, for:

– The treatment of neck and back pain

– To improve sports performance in athletes or keen sports people

– To teach individuals how to improve their posture and / or balance

– To tone the abdominals, thighs and bottom muscles

– To improve flexibility


Central to the Prescribed Pilates instruction is the importance of the individual understanding how the Pilates movements will help them. This is important so that the client or patient will gain more than one hour of exercise per week, they will be able to confidently and safely begin changing bad habits at home. Prescribed Pilates will benefit everyone whether you are working at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level. The only difference will be your starting point and the level that you are hoping to achieve. Throughout this learning experience the individual will become more aware of their body and will start to understand why certain daily activities may be causing pain, or how particular movements, either within sport or your daily life, may be improved through Pilates.