The Chartered Physiotherapists & Sports Specialists at KTB can manage any injury. They will offer treatments at the early ‘acute’ stage to reduce inflammation and promote healing, will work with you to ascertain a cause and diagnosis and then will thoroughly rehabilitate the injury to prevent re-occurrence.

If you have any pain or injury during a sporting or everyday activity then the body is trying to warn you that there is a problem. Left unmanaged, then this problem can become more complex. Whatever the level of dysfunction, the Physiotherapists at KTB can help you today.

The Physiotherapists at KTB have gained the respect and trust of their patients by providing immediate treatment with a professional and honest approach. Any injury can be treated with a combination of Sports Massage, Physiotherapy and Exercise Rehabilitation. You will be thoroughly assessed and advised on the best treatment approach for you.



This may include: soft tissue massage, manipulation, mobilisation of joints and soft tissue, long-wave ultrasound or other electrotherapy, exercise programmes for stability, strength and mobility, gait analysis, taping for support and to alter pain.


KTB works closely with other health and fitness professionals and will liaise with these when necessary to ensure the highest quality of service is given in a holistic approach to treatment. If you need further medical attention, such as a scan or x-ray we will advise you appropriately.