At KTB Rehabilitation we understand that in response to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are self-isolating, practicing social physical distancing and / or are choosing to limit their physical contact with others. These individuals must have the opportunity to access our services, and through our virtual first approach to therapy we can ensure that even if you are unable to come into our clinic you can still receive the care and support that you need from our therapists.

It may be that you are able to come into clinic, but you would find it more convenient to have a webcam session. We all have busy lives and video-calling has opened opportunities for people suffering with pain and disability to build a relationship with a chartered physiotherapist, from the comfort of their home without the need to travel for face-to-face contact.

Remote physiotherapy and osteopathy services are not new to the profession. Many of the musculoskeletal problems that we see every day in our clinic can successfully be treated through remote rehabilitation, with great outcomes for many people. In fact, scientific studies have published the effectiveness of remote rehabilitation to be 90-100% of what can be done in the clinic. The key to success is a commitment from you to follow the guidance of your therapist and to be prepared to do the hard work yourself at home, although we will be there to guide you and to provide the support you need along the way. It is important to remember, that with therapy for most conditions, one of the most effective forms of treatment that is consistently backed up in the literature is exercise therapy. Remotely we can easily advise you on the best exercises to perform for your condition, and those to avoid. Commitment to this exercise programme and performing it consistently is what will influence your recovery outcome.

Our virtual therapy can help if you have a longstanding pain condition, are recovering from a new injury, or are working to maintain or improve physical strength. Through an assessment process we will ask questions about your problem, your lifestyle and your medical history. We will then perform an examination that may include an assessment of your range of motion and movements, a functional movement examination, an evaluation of strength and postural analysis. We need to understand what is happening so that we can provide an accurate diagnosis from which to formulate targeted goals and a customised treatment plan for how we can help you. Treatment may include the prescription of exercises and stretches with supporting photos and / or videos, support for self-joint mobilisation and self-directed soft tissue treatment techniques, a rehabilitation plan to follow in your own environment and education on the specific injury or condition. Where appropriate we can help to train another person to assist you with exercises or stretches and /or taping techniques.

Before your appointment you will be sent a link to join your therapist virtually, this will be through our software system. You will need to have internet connection and some space to move. At KTB Rehabilitation we offer virtual therapy webcam appointments for:

Pilates classes and 1:1 sessions
Mummy MOT
Womens Health
Sports Physiotherapy
Neck & back pain

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