Physio-led Pilates – I know nothing…yet!

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Journalist Sarah Hawes has been invited to join our Pilates classes for the next six weeks, having never tried it before.
She will write a blog each week, detailing her journey from complete beginner.

This time last week, I’d never done Pilates. Now, I can’t imagine not doing it.

I’m a fairly healthy person – I eat my five a day, am aware of sugar intake, drink lots of water, exercise and sleep well.

I’ve made a conscious decision to be a healthy person and thought all that I was doing was enough to keep fit and well.

But after just one hour of Pilates, I realised that I’m missing out a whole area of my wellbeing.

Pilates is wonderful – I’d go so far as to say it’s changed my life. Since my first session, led by KTB Director Katie Ballard last Wednesday evening at her Bexley clinic, I feel like I’m always thinking about Pilates!
I’ve adjusted how I sit and stand; I’ve been getting up and walking more, stretching and twisting.
Katie said the spine is made to be moved – so I’ve been moving it, stretching it and getting it more mobile!

She also said we tend to stick our necks out too much – I bet you’re doing it right now! I do it all the time and now find myself bringing it back in and trying to re-align with the spine.
I was in a class with six others in a very relaxing room – dim lighting, aromatherapy oils burning and everything laid out ready for the class.
We started using a roller – a long foam tube that you lay your spine on. It’s a bit tricky at first, but my word, do you feel a good stretch. It left me feeling like I spend my life crumpled up in a ball – I’ve never stretched out so much!

Katie leads the class, asking us all to do the same exercise but then comes around to each person to adjust you to either be doing the exercise properly, with lower impact or higher impact, depending on your strength or injuries.

It’s physiotherapy-led Pilates, so the exercises are based on these techniques.
Although you’re in a class together, Katie’s individual attention on every exercise gives you a bespoke Pilates hour.
The class gives you the chance to slow life down, breathe in, breathe out, think about your posture and any pain.
Within 20 minutes, I was already thinking how I could incorporate Pilates into everyday life, realising that my four high intensity training sessions at the gym each week needed more recovery that a 30 minute swim – and that’s where Pilates will come in.

I’m back again next week – hopefully I’ll see you there too!

If you’d like to join the classes, see the timetable below, then get in touch to book in.
Classes are £10 if booked individually or a course of six is £54.


10:00 - 11:00 Face to Face

12:45 - 13:45 Virtual

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