Pilates exercises contribute towards an easier pregnancy, delivery and recovery.
Pilates works the strong inner (deep) muscles of the body. Strengthening these muscles during pregnancy makes it easier for you to carry your baby and improves the way you hold yourself, helping achieve effective aligned posture.

Throughout your pregnancy your body shape will be changing and your centre of gravity will move. Pregnancy often causes poor posture and the curve of the spine is increased. This places excess stress on the muscles of the back and pain often develops as a result. What is important is that that you learn how correct posture feels so that you continue to maintain correct alignment of the joints despite these changes.

You will then avoid placing extra stresses on your joints and will avoid this source of pain. We work through each trimester with you, adjusting the techniques as we go but also tailoring for your individual needs too.
As you get nearer to your due date, we will start to use Pilates to prepare you for the birth.

The classes in this trimester will place an increased focus on your breath to prepare you for labour. Exercise with you on your hands and knees at this stage are comfortable for you and also help to position your baby ready for delivery. They will help to keep the baby out of the posterior position that often causes long painful ‘back labours’.

The improved circulation achieved through Pilates allows increased oxygen to the womb. This reduces distress to your baby. The breathing techniques learnt also help you to control your birth.
You will also have increased confidence with the gym ball – an excellent accessory for assisting labour!