What to expect:
We start with a quick chat to discuss your health history and goals. 
The physiotherapist will then explain the primary principles of Pilates and take you through a series of exercises to determine your weaknesses and strengths.

If your goal is to join our group classes, we will take you through all of the positions (standing, supine, prone, side lying, and 4pt) and determine any modifications that you may need to make so that you feel prepared and comfortable in the class.

If your goal is to improve your pain, mobility and core strength then using our comprehensive physiotherapy background, we will use the Pilates repertoire of exercises to gradually build a program and plan for you to address your strengths and weaknesses. This may include a home exercise program or just focus points until you return for your next session. We will also advise on what everyday posture changes you can make too.

Why should I do a 1:1 Pilates session?

If you’re in pain or have a history of musculoskeletal problems, we strongly recommend a 1:1 session prior to a group class to allow us to have time to address appropriate modifications that may need to be made, as well as making sure you understand the principles and remain in your comfort range.

If a group class doesn’t appeal, a 1:1 allows you direct supervision with a physiotherapist who works with you to accomplish your goals with instant modifications and feedback.
You’ll be challenged and supported throughout the process.

What can a Pilates 1:1 session help with?

  • Pain
  • Previous injuries
  • Weakness – specific strengthening exercises
  • Sports-related or task-specific to your goal
  • Balance – to improve it and reduce your risk of a fall

Pilates 1:1 sessions are £55 for 60 mins – please get in touch to book.


Coming with a friend?

You can share the cost of the introductory session with a 2:1 session which will still cover all the above but with two people being assessed at the same time.

We have many couples, friends or colleagues sharing sessions and the benefit is learning together and understanding the techniques between you.

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