At KTB we understand that whether you are an elite or fun runner, injuries are extremely frustrating and can cause severe disturbance of a training schedule. When training is disrupted, your performance in the event that you are training for is often impaired. Our integrated Physiotherapy centre offers acute treatment of sports injuries with thorough rehabilitation. In addition to this we also have Physiotherapists specialising in core stability who offer injury prevention with matwork and reformer classes and 1:1 sessions. We also offer sports therapy including sports massage. These services together will increase your chances of staying injury free allowing you to continue undisrupted with your training. You will become more aware of your weaknesses, instabilities and muscle imbalances and your performance will be enhanced. You will have a greater chance of seeing your PB come tumbling down with support from our experienced team!

Running puts excess stresses and strains through the muscles and joints. These excess strains can then lead to aches and pains that need to be treated to ensure they do not develop into complex recurring injuries. Our clinic is responsible for managing acute injuries and the rehabilitation of professional athletes that are members of UK Athletics but we also work closely with many local running clubs working with sprinters, distance runners and the first time charity marathon runners.

Your Physiotherapist will work with you to achieve the following:

1. Injury prevention

2. Performance enhancement through core stability Pilates and Reformer training

3. Injury rehabilitation as required

4. Liaison with a larger medical team as required for suggesting further investigations or a different management plan


Typically with athletes or runners we see the following injuries (although this list is by no means exhaustive):

Achilles tendonitis
Ankle inversion injury
Calf muscle strain
Hamstring strain
Iliotibial band syndrome
Low back pain
Patella tendonopathy
Patella-femoral pain
Piriformis syndrome
Plantar fascilitis
Shin splints
Stress fracture

The problems are generally caused by poor biomechanical alignment, poor technique, overuse or an acute injury.

Management of any of the above would begin with an assessment to discuss the history of the problem and current presentation, and an objective look at your movements, muscle power and the structures surrounding the problematic area. We will then provide the treatment that is required and suggest a thorough rehabilitation programme enabling you to return to full training and to competition. Pilates based core stability exercises will form an important component of your rehabilitation in order to ensure that a similar problem does not occur in the future.