Luckily you don’t have to choose between osteopathy or physiotherapy at KTB.

The goal of every musculoskeletal therapist at KTB is to reduce your pain, increase your mobility and to restore your function and confidence. You will receive the right combination of ‘hands-on’ manual therapy with exercise and advice in your treatment to support your rehabilitation – because we know this is what works best! 

We recognise that medical knowledge is improving all the time, and our clinical team treat according to best practice. Through a commitment and investment in life-long learning and collaborative working, we are responsive to new guidance and professional recommendation. Our approach is influenced by being confident in the treatment techniques that current research supports.  

You may have heard that osteopaths “click you” and physiotherapists use massage and exercise. But this is a very out-dated view of the two professions. Instead, our therapists will assess you and then depending on what they find, your treatment may include manipulation, soft tissue or joint mobilisation, stretching and exercise – don’t worry our team will know what is best. Your treatment will be effective, because of the clinical approach that your therapist makes, not because you are seeing a physiotherapist or an osteopath.  

If appropriate, you may also be recommended massage therapy, clinical Pilates or another specialist wellbeing or maintenance service in order to keep you in optimum health. We work together to ensure that you can benefit from any specialist clinical interests or practice within our team, and we will arrange a streamlined internal referral if needed to maximise the positive impact of our approach.    

Coming via insurance? Then you will need an authorisation code to match the practitioner that you are seeing. So dependent upon if you have authorisation for Osteopathy or Physiotherapy, we can ensure that you are seeing the right person.   

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