Physiotherapy can be useful for many different people for different reasons. In the ideal world, we’d all be pain and injury-free all of the time.
Physiotherapy can be used for both rehabilitation and preventative purposes, from post-surgery, to pregnancy and post-natal, sports and every day life too.

Here at KTB, we incorporate Pilates into our therapies too, knowing that by using them alongside each other, treatment is effective, gentle and manageable.

Pain can really debilitate us in our everyday lives and also in our hobbies too – leg injuries stop people enjoying sport and pain can stop people from being able to get through the day, with sitting, standing or walking made difficult by an injury or flare up.
We aim to get you living how you’d like to live – running when you want, enjoying sport when you want to and being able to cope with what the body needs to do every day.

When you’re in pain and restricted, your mental health suffers too – and by fixing the physical problems, the mental ones can also be addressed.
Our therapists are trained in general physiotherapy and also have specialisms too – so use their knowledge and skill to prevent or treat injury and pain.

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