Written by the clinical director of KTB, Prescribed Pilates for Pain Management uses basic language and common references to general everyday activities to allow the reader to relate to the examples and understand how poor posture can relate to spinal pain. Professionally shot photographs of simple movements are used to illustrate the exercises. This easy to follow manual can be read by those with beginner to advanced Pilates experience and also by fellow health professionals. In someone with no understanding it will generate enthusiasm to start, in someone with a little understanding it will develop awareness and maintain motivation and in someone with previous knowledge it will show Pilates in a whole new light generating new enthusiasm. The first chapter introduces the author, the second explains the background of Pilates and its links with rehabilitation and sport, the third explains how Prescribed Pilates is different to the current teachings. Assessment, rehabilitation and advanced movements are clearly presented with teaching points as though you are at a session with a Physiotherapist. This book will help you to identify your muscle imbalances and postural faults and will guide you on the most appropriate exercises for your needs. It clearly links the exercises enabling you to develop a personalised home exercise programme and will show you how to progress safely.

It was said by Joseph Pilates that in ten sessions you will feel the difference of Pilates; in twenty you will see the difference and in thirty you will have a whole new body – so buy this book, and get started!

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