‘These classes are structured technically and informative. My posture is corrected more regularly to help me to improve and get more out of the exercises. I also enjoy using different apparatus to focus and concentrate on stability and strength.’

It is the individuals choice whether you attend ongoing 1:1 sessions for Pilates or if you join a weekly class. With the classes you will need to choose a class time that suits you. You then pay for a six week block of sessions. The classes will allow you to progress your exercises when you are ready under the regular guidance of a Physiotherapist. At the end of each class you should leave the studio feeling stretched, relaxed and more aware of your posture and tension. Throughout each session your technique will be checked with each exercise and you will repeatedly reminded of the main teaching points of each exercise. If your technique is wrong you will be corrected and if the Physiotherapist feels that you need to focus on a particular movement to see clinical benefit then you will be advised accordingly.


‘A very professional and well run course. I am a beginner and have had no other experience to base this course on, but it comes highly recommended.’

‘Very happy with nice small classes. Lots of individual attention when needed. Good variation.’

Non-Attendance Policy for Pilates

Same Day Cancellation: UTAsd :

If you cancel your class with less than 24 hours notice you will be charged for that missed appointment.

Unable to Attend: UTA

Did Not Attend: DNA

If you miss a class and fail to inform us you will be charged and will not be able to make up.

Flexible ‘Make Up’ Policy

We recognise that sickness is unavoidable and that you will have holidays throughout the year and this is why we have a flexible ‘Make Up’ Policy. As we are a large specialist centre with classes daily including mornings, afternoons, evenings and Saturdays you have the opportunity to make up your missed class.

For any cancellation made with more than 24 hours notice you can make up your missed session by doing two classes in a week or a class in the same week as the session you cancelled. These ‘make up’ classes need to be used within your six week block and cannot be rolled over to the next payment block.

Payment on Week Six

As many of our classes are full and therefore you must pay on week six to confirm your space on a register for a further six weeks.