Clinical Director

Katie graduated as a physiotherapist in 2002 and founded KTB Rehabilitation a year later.

Early in her career, Katie specialised her physiotherapy practice towards therapeutic exercise and Pilates and in 2007, formalised her approach to Pilates presenting her teaching, understanding and exercise classifications in her first book, ‘Prescribed Pilates for Pain Management’.

Katie was soon recognised as an industry expert and travelled around the country lecturing at conferences that included those for the British Medical Association, and the Association of Private Physiotherapists.
Alongside these lectures Katie also taught successful one day and weekend courses to physiotherapists on how to implement Pilates into everyday clinical practice.

After leaving the NHS Katie has worked clinically providing physiotherapy, 1:1 and group Pilates sessions from Bexley, Dartford and Harley Street. In 2008 Katie travelled to America to promote the American version of her book and began working for Linford Christie’s elite sprint team providing rehabilitation of sports injuries, Pilates sessions and sports massage.
Katie’s clinical area of specialism still remains in therapeutic Pilates.