Massimo moved to the UK from Italy with his family in 2010 and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Osteopathy at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) in 2015. However, he has worked in the fitness and healthcare industry in Italy since 1993.

Immediately after graduation, he started working in several NHS settings in central London, offering thousands of different musculoskeletal treatments whilst also working as an associate osteopath in private practice.

His areas of interest are acute and chronic lower back pain management, neck pathologies and conditions causing shoulder, hip and knee pain and reduced function. 

Having offered treatment to thousands of patients over the last six years, and constantly keeping up with the ever evolving evidence-based clinical practice, means that Massimo has the confidence to understand what his patients’ individual needs are.  He is able to address their condition by getting to the root cause, treating it, and helping them to return to their daily life activities to the best of their function.

He does this by firstly carefully listening to the patient’s history, then he uses a thorough osteopathic postural assessment in combination with a set of functional dynamic and orthopaedic tests to formulate a diagnosis. Based on this, he will use a therapeutic approach highly specific to the patient – this can include osteopathic mobilisations and manipulations to improve joint motion, gentle and deep soft tissue massage to reduce muscle tension, dry needling which is a form of painless acupuncture to improve muscle health, advice on task-specific exercises to recover function, and lifestyle advice to maintain it.