Skiing is an aerobic activity that requires strong thigh muscles, supple calves and good balance. Before you head off to the slopes it is imperative that you prepare for your holiday by increasing your fitness, muscle tone and stability. This will reduce your risk of injury and improve your skiing performance.

Most injuries from a skiing holiday will occur in the second part of a holiday when you are becoming tired and you start to notice a lack of fitness. If you have an injury it will be due to one of the following:

– Over exertion

– Over use

– Fatigue

– Trauma

Overcome these problems at KTB in either our Ski clinic or into our body conditioning classes.

Ski Clinics

KTB has Physiotherapy Ski clinics that will give you a whole body check up. Our experienced Physiotherapists will check your alignment looking for weaknesses in the knees, ankles, hips, pelvis or back that may lead to a vulnerability for potential injuries. We will also advise on how you should manage an acute problem should you suffer whilst away on your skiing holiday. Daily exercises will be recommended that you should be using as part of a warm up each day. You will also be advised on a home exercise programme to get you into top shape designed to meet your individual needs. Sessions last for one hour.

Body Conditioning Classes

For ongoing structured, supervised exercise excellent for becoming ‘Ski-fit’ you could join our Body Conditioning classes. These fun small group classes incorporate small equipment including the BOSU, gym balls and resistance apparatus to challenge balance, tone and build muscle strength without losing flexibility. We recommend that before you go off for your holiday you attend at least one six week course to ensure that you are as fit as possible before you leave. These classes can be attended without a 1:1 introductory session or after attending the Ski clinic.