Sports blogs – take a read

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If you’re a keen sportsperson or new to sport, our blogs could give you some great tips on staying injury-free and also increasing performance.
Our physios have spent some time getting their top tips and advice down on paper to share with you.

Take a look at our blogs on:
Gait analysis – what it is and how it can help you
5 ways to stop hamstring and gastric strains
Netball – how to survive the season injury-free
Women’s football injuries and home rehab
Tennis elbow and how to prevent it

Our physiotherapists aren’t just here to piece you back together and patch you up, they also give advice to you on how to prevent damage or further damage too, change the way you use your body and give you as many tips as they can for some physiotherapy you can do at home too.

Take a look at the blogs and book an appointment if you think we can help you further.