Sports Massage Has Benefits for Everyone, Not Just Athletes

Do you suffer with muscular tension? 

Do you suffer with bad posture? 

Are you an active person? 

Do you have a high training regime? 

Are you looking to compete at a high level? 

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of those, a sports massage can help you and correct imbalances in the body. 

Sports massage isn’t just for athletes, it’s a technique that is applied in a deep and manipulative way, to help relieve any muscular issues you may have. 

It can be beneficial to anyone looking to promote muscular health, whether that be due to a sporting event or muscular tension caused by stress.  

Stress and muscle tension can affect many areas and cause a lot of pain. If a major muscle group is tight, it can pull and move the bone structures into incorrect places which will cause discomfort and can affect the way the body moves as a whole structure. Massage is also very beneficial when combined with physiotherapy treatments. 

What are the benefits of massage on the body? 

  • Muscular system – helps release the soft tissue tightness, realign scar tissue, helps to reduce muscular spasms. 
  • Lymphatic system – massage can help increase movement of fluid throughout the body. 
  • Nervous system – can help increase endorphins, along with increasing the sensory receptors. 
  • Skeletal system – reducing soft tissue tension allows the increase of mobility, helping to reduce the stress on joints. 
  • Cardiovascular system – increases blood flow to the soft tissues, helping to remove waste products and increase oxygen and nutrients to those areas. 

Sports massage is very beneficial for anybody at any time in their training regime, pre-event, post-event or at any time in between. 

Massage therapy works at its best when in a regular routine as it helps to keep muscular tension and imbalances at bay. 

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