Sport is a fantastic way to mobilise, stretch and use the body as it’s intended, to keep us fit and active, moving and maintain good mental health.

But sport can often bring damage too – repetitive strain and injury are the most common.

Keen sports enthusiasts and elitists want to not only avoid injury but improve their performance too.

Physiotherapy can be used to support your sport, to prevent injury, maintain fitness and also improve performance too.

During your sessions you will find out what your weaknesses are, how to work on them to improve performance and prevent injury risk.
The sports below are the main ones we work with but we also provide treatment for football, rugby and children too.

Taping is also available should you need it and will be advised in your treatment session.

Ask us about how physiotherapy and Pilates can help you to perform better and avoid injury too.

Read our sports blogs for more tips and advice from our physiotherapists.

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