Dancing is a great way to move your body but does also brings injury risk that other sports and activities do not.

It places enormous strains through the body, from repetitive movements that require open chain movement of the lower limb.
This challenges balance, control and stability of the body. Unlike most sports that involve open chain movements of the upper body with the lower body making contact with the ground, dance requires high levels of dynamic control as more often than not, one leg is off the floor as you perform a move. If you are dancing without your full concentration, a fall or poor technique is far more likely. This will often be a predisposing factor to injury.

Injuries are usually caused by overuse, repetitive movement or falls – the impact being on the foot and ankle, knee, hip or lower back.
Physiotherapy can help with rehabilitation and injury prevention, whilst Pilates can strengthen the core to give the body the support it needs.

Our physiotherapists will ensure that as part of your rehabilitation you are thoroughly assessed for biomechanical alignment, muscle imbalance, hypermobility and areas of potential injury.

We will advise a mat-based exercise program for you incorporating stretches, strengthening moves and core stability exercises to prevent further injury and enhance your dancing ability.

We can also work with your dance teacher to advise a return to performing after the acute symptoms have subsided through effective treatment.