At KTB we understand that whether you are an elite or fun runner, injuries are extremely frustrating and can cause severe disturbance of a training schedule.

By integrating physiotherapy into your training , you will find that your body is better-equipped to achieve the PB you want and to get you through the event easier and with less risk of injury.

We can also carry out a gait analysis for you – to see how you run, where your feet land and give advice on changes you can make to technique and posture to give you the best chance at improving your performance.

Most injuries we see are due to poor biomechanical alignment, poor technique, overuse or an acute injury – all of which can be rehabilitated with physiotherapy and then prevented from worsening or returning on the same scale.

All of our physiotherapists are keen sports people and between us we have managed and still do manage, national and local sports teams.
Whether you’re a sprinter, distance runner, triathlete, regular fun runner or about to complete your first event, physiotherapy can help.
We also see children who are enjoying running as part of a team too and can gently advise and help to prevent injury for them too.

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