Skiing is enjoyed by many families who hit the slopes each year together, but young or old, injury may not be far away.

Skiing takes a lot of effort, requiring strong thigh muscles, supple calves and good balance, so some training before you go to get your body ready is advised.
Our assessment will let you know where your weaknesses are and ski clinic will tell you how to strengthen them before you hit the slopes.

Preparation ahead of the holiday will reduce your injury risk – which is higher in the second part of your trip when your body is over-used and fatigued.

Physiotherapy can help the whole family to be ready for the exertion that skiing brings so that no-one has to have a day off through weakness, fatigue or injury.

A ski assessment
If you’re an experienced skier or a beginner skier hoping to conquer the slopes, a ski assessment can be an asset.
Skiing requires a lot of hip strength and knee stability and so our physios will be looking for your level of strength across both these joints and advising on exercises to condition them before you go away.
For both beginners and advanced skiers, the skiing position can put stress on the knee if there is not appropriate strength in the hip and core muscles.
The hour-long appointment will give you a whole body check-up to look at your alignment, spotting any weaknesses in the knees, ankles, hips, pelvis or back that may lead to a vulnerability for potential injuries.

What can you expect from the assessment?
We will start with a chat – asking about your medical history, any injuries, your ski/snowboarding experience, general exercise and clarify what your goals are.

We will look at:
Posture and Functional movement

The assessment will give you the guidance you need to make corrections to technique and posture to enable you to ski longer and enjoy it pain-free.
We will start working on your weaknesses and work towards your goals, giving you some home exercise and a ski warm-up for when you’re away so that your body is ready for the day’s skiing.
It may be that you only need the assessment then some advice on technique and conditioning exercises, but if you need more, you may need to book into Ski Clinic.

Ski Clinic
Once you’ve had an assessment, we will know which areas of the body to work on.
We’ll also know how technique changes can help you and identify your fatigue points too.
At your Ski Clinic appointments, your physiotherapist will develop a home exercise programme, or recommend physio, massage, and/or Pilates to strengthen and condition any weaknesses, so that you can ski with reduced risk of injury caused by muscle fatigue and ‘overdoing it’!

We will also advise on how you should manage an acute problem should you suffer whilst away on your skiing holiday.

Daily exercises will be recommended that you should be using as part of a warm-up each day, plus we’ll give you a home exercise programme to get you into top shape, designed to meet your individual needs.