Physiotherapy Ski Clinic

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To reduce the risk of injury and improve your performance on the slopes you must prepare properly. KTB can increase your fitness, muscle tone and stability.

Physiotherapy For Runners


At KTB we understand that whether you are an elite or fun runner, injuries are extremely frustrating and can cause severe disturbance of a training schedule.

Physiotherapy For Footballers


With football the risk of injury is high and is often the result of a trauma. We will assess, treat, rehabilitate and prevent recurrence of any injury.

Physiotherapy For Swimmers


The most common swimming injury that we see in elite swimmers is an overuse injury of the shoulder, although breastrokers knee is also common.

Physiotherapy For Dancers


Dancing is an activity that can place enormous strains on the body. Pilates has proved to be excellent in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries in dancers.