Patient success: Summer gardening injury – winter pain

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Pain for four months, reduced in three hours’ physiotherapy!
In the summer, there’s always a lot to do in the garden and for one of our patients, a fall left him with a twisted knee.
The pain was immediate but four months later with a level he couldn’t bare any longer, he came to us for treatment.
He’s in his 60s so constant pain isn’t what he should be putting up with – plus he was walking with a stick, limping and avoiding all weight-bearing on it.
Along with the pain, the psychological change always affects patients – they can’t do what they did before, have to give things more thought and just want to get back to themselves!

We treated his post medial meniscus injury with three sessions of manual treatment using:
Soft tissue manipulation
Joint mobilisations
Mobilisations with movements
Exercise prescription for at home
Patient education regarding pain management
Advice on avoidance of aggravating factors

When he came to us, he reported 10/10 pain and after his sessions reported 3/10, so a significant increase which should lower with continued home exercise to strengthen and a follow-up session in six weeks’ time.

If you’ve had a niggle for a while or feel any pain, please do book an appointment to see a physiotherapist for some help.
It might be a very quick fix we can give you and we don’t want you to be suffering pain season after season!