Once you’ve had your baby, you may feel that ‘things aren’t how they used to be’ and this is OK to an extent because your body has gone through significant change, but when your everyday life is affected, you need to seek some help.
If you have any of these symptoms, we would like to see you to offer you help to rectify them, improve your confidence and get you almost back to how you used to be!

🔵 Bladder control
🔵 Leaking
🔵 Urgency
🔵 Worry about where the loos are
🔵 Weak pelvic floor
🔵 Unable to take part in exercise (running and jumping are the most common)

If you are in any pain, you will also need some help, because long-term pain should not just be ‘put up with’.
Physiotherapy and Pilates can get you back to health, without the worry of weakness or accidents.

In confidence
We know this is a sensitive area and our specialist women’s health physiotherapists take the time to understand your birth, changes to your body and life and their impact, to find the right treatment plan for you.
It will include a mix of physiotherapy sessions, Pilates and home exercises too.

Whether you have just given birth or had children many years ago, then we advocate the Mummy MOT and have 2 certified practitioners trained to complete this specialist assessment. 
This is for both vaginal and C-Section deliveries.

The session involves a full assessment, starting with lots of questions, some of which may be a little intimate, but please don’t worry – we need to know what’s going on with your ‘new’ body!
This is followed by a head to toe check where we will ask you to perform some simple activities.

The Mummy MOT is a mix of chatting, identifying symptoms, talking about your lifestyle and concerns, plus an internal digital exam, carried out here at the clinic as part of your the appointment.

Click here to find out what to expect at a Mummy MOT

If you are keen to return to your favourite sport or exercise, we can get you on to a progressive program of total body strengthening from the inside out and safely get you back on track.

If you would prefer not to have the Mummy MOT, we can still assess any concerns you are having since your pregnancy and now that you have a baby to look after.

Read more
One of our specialist women’s health physiotherapists, Ali Cann, wrote a blog after she had her baby – you can read it here to find out how she gently came back to exercise after the birth of her son.

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