World Continence Awareness Week 2017

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June marks World Continence Awareness Week 2017, from 18-24 June.
Up to 6 million people in the UK are thought to experience bladder problems and if you’re one of them, you should know that you can be helped through physiotherapy.
You don’t have to put up with it, you shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk with us about it and we can help to change your life.

There are various types of incontinence, either bladder, bowel or both. There are also many reasons why people get incontinence – and it’s not always to do with old age and childbirth.
Incontinence doesn’t have to be something you just live with or put up with – it can be improved and in many patients we see, stopped.

Improvement and eradication both allow your confidence to come back and help to improve other areas of your life – relationships, socialising and doing the things you enjoy, for example.
Our physiotherapists are specially trained in this area, are non-judgemental and simply here to help you to find effective treatment.

We will look at therapy, plus lifestyle and diet to ensure that all aspects come together to give you the improvement and changes you want.
If you’re reading this and thinking perhaps you have a continence issue, don’t wait – give us a call, book in and we will start you on your road to a different life.

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